Automated conveyorized powdercoat line, integral with pretreatment and phosphating spray cabinets, ensuring at all times good quality and on time delivery of Simar products and external subcontract customers' components.

Simar Industries is excited at having recently been certified by a major Defense Contractor as a provider of Powder Coating Services. Very few powder coat operations have achieved this level of approval and it opens up numerous opportunities for Simar to process parts for all over the U.S.
SIMAR Logo Line
SIMAR Logo Line
ISO 9001:2008
Powder coating is the youngest of finishing techniques in common use today having first been used in Austalia around 1967. Powder coating uses the technique of applying dry paint with an electrostatic spray gun to a part that is conductive to form an even continuous film.

The basis for good coating is preparation and Simar has an automatic five stage cleaning system that ensures clean and rust free parts that favor adhesion. The five stages consist of: - 1) De-rust and clean 2) Rinse 3)Iron Phosphate 4) Rinse 5) Sealer. The vast majority of powder coating failures can be traced back to a lack of suitable preparation.

Powder coating produces a high specification coating which is relatively hard, abrasion resistant and tough. The choice of colors and finishes that Simar can apply are almost limitless. We carry certain powders that are formulated for interior use only and other powders are suitable for exterior applications, some with excellent protection against U.V. exposure.

In addition to Powder Coating Simar offers a wide variety of services including Sheet Metal Fabrication and Silk Screening. We can process prototypes, short runs as well as large production runs. We are a Woman Owned Small Business. ISO 9001:2008 Certified. 2001•All Rights Reserved
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